Thursday, 6 August 2009


If you thought whist drives were quiet, serious affairs where you were scowled at for playing a 'wrong' card, you haven't tried this one!
Just entering its third year, the whist drive is a great way to spend three hours on a Saturday evening.
The number of players varies from week to week, having been as low as five or as many as 26. People have come along from Swavesey, Cottenham, Papworth Everard and York! But however many players turn up, there's always a great atmosphere, with plenty of chat and laughter. There's always a selection of cakes in the interval, sometimes even home-made ones (thanks, Kath). And everyone goes home with a prize. Not bad for £2. It's also great for sharing your excess fruit harvest (cheers, Dennis and Glenice, the plums were lovely).