Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Someone who represents village life for me has to be Bert, who owns the farm shop in High Street. He has spent his life working on the land, and much of the produce in his shop is still home grown. When asked his age, he would only say 'too old'. He has not travelled far from home, and never wanted to, although he did go to the seaside a couple of times but wasn't impressed.

Bert can be found in the farm shop every morning, and is so cheerful and welcoming. It is always a pleasure to pop in and have a chat with this gentleman, who is so obviously happy and content with life. Thank you, Bert, for agreeing to be my first 'blogee'!
MKS commented: 'I have known "Bert" and his family for almost fifty years, having lived in Over as a child and maintained contact after leaving the village. What lovely people!'