Monday, 21 September 2009


St Mary’s Church has the second highest spire in the Ely District. As the distance between the ground and where the bells are hung is relatively long (Long Draught), a Rope Guide is used to assist ringing. The eight bells (two were added to the original six in 1930) are rung by a team currently consisting of approximately 20 people, ranging in age from 13, to the eldest who has been bell ringing for 56 years. A Peal takes about three hours, and is only rung for special occasions, the most recent to mark 900 years of the Ely diocese.

Thanks to Marion – the Conductor – and her happy, enthusiastic team for their very warm welcome when I called in to their Thursday night practice, and for all the fascinating information they provided – wish I had space to include more of it. The photograph shows the group proudly displaying the trophy they received this year when they won the Annual Striking Competition.